Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Questions you receive as an Aspiring Make-up Artist

A few questions that I've noticed pop up a lot whilst being a new make-up artist...

What foundation do you use? Your skin looks so nice! 
I always find this a bit of a misleading answer as my foundation only covers probably 1/3 of my face now with the way I apply it, the rest is concealer and powders. Basically I just a lot of different crap on my face to achieve my look.

Is a make-up artist even a real job? Is it practical?
I've had this a lot from elder people and people my age alike. A lot of people don't take make-up seriously but you know what there's real people out there who are personal make-up artists for celebrities, someone's done the make-up in that magazine that's in front of you on the table, and beyond that, you see all those people on the television? They've all had their make-up done by a professional make-up artist too even the men! There's make-up to be done everywhere and someone's got to do it!

Anyone can do make-up now thanks to Youtube so where's your market? 
A lot of women, yes have gotten better at their make-up but that's one type of make-up (occasion), still not every woman in the land is that great at it and apply way too much product. Those who are having big occasions may wish to have the stress taken off them for events and choose to have their make-up and hair done professionally. There is also a ray of different paths a make-up artist can go down such as prosthetics, high fashion, runway TV, film and theatre which will always need professional make-up artists.

How can you be bothered to put all that make-up on? Don't you ever get bored putting it on? 
Uhh YESSSSSSSS seriously... of course I do. One aspect (of which I'm not very good at) of being a make-up artist is being a constant walking advertisement of your business. So walking out looking scruffy, straight from bed shouldn't really be an option! The day I decide to nip into town looking like a piece of old rag might be the day someone whose thinking of booking me see's me walk past them in the street. It's important to sell yourself at all times, so that you're known for looking nice and put together, build yourself up a reputation. I try to wear a full face of good make-up as much as I can and change it up so that I'm known for my make-up standing out. I'm good with my eye make-up looks I'm just working on changing up my lip colour because I'm hooked on nudes.

Why do you wear so much make-up?
This one has an obvious answer no? (Dear god) I put it on because I enjoy it and I like to practise make-up as much as possible! Hence why I want to be a make-up artist.

So that is the main questions I get as an aspiring make-up artist currently. It can be hard to make being a make-up artist your full time job and it requires a lot of work, as soon as you are in with the right people though you're set. It just takes persistence!


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