Thursday, 21 January 2016

Valencia Rose Hair: Worst Customer Service EVER

Hastings, East Sussex, UK
Being a make-up artist and hair stylist, I am obsessed with all things image related and have been wearing hair extensions since around the age of 12 back when I got my first synthetic pony tail clip in. Since that time I would like to think I have progressed slightly within the world of hair extensions and have gone on to pay hundreds of pounds to find the most luxurious hair within my price region. After religiously following a lot of Youtubers I came across a brand called Valencia Rose who seemed to be getting a lot of praise for their products even from some of the biggest youtubers. One of their main ambassadors (not sure what the proper term would be but we'll call her that) is called Tyme.
I have always thought Tyme looks incredible and she claims to only wear Valencia Rose Hair, no other brand/company so after watching many of her hair transformations I was really eager to get some of their hair. Turns out this was a very big mistake...

After my Christmas celebrations wore off and I had got my brain back in to gear I decided to order the hair I wanted to purchase via Valencia Rose on the 1st of January. After checking out a whopping £300 I had to pay for postage on top so I selected the 5-7 working days option. Now I did order this on a Friday and it was a Bank Holiday so I was expected it to be a little delayed than normal. 10 working days passed and I still hadn't received my parcel so I decided to take a search through my emails to see when I had ordered as it felt I had been waiting a long time. I discovered I hadn't even been sent a confirmation email from the company of my purchase which I think is terrible when you are spending over £300 and I had no tracking number sent either.

With that I'm a little freaking out I won't lie so I get straight to emailing them, I wait a few days and still I get no reply, so I message them again by every email they provide, plus on instagram. I finally get a reply but they reply once a day via email and the days are going past and my hair still hasn't arrived so I decided to ring them. They pick up first time of me ringing, thank god, and I have a conversation with a man who is very pleasant and helpful BUT he informs me that what I have ordered is out of stock due to the sale they had and they need to wait for it to come in on there side before they can send it out. He also then finally provided me with a tracking number.
  1. This sale is still going on even though they apparently don't even have the stock to send out 
  2. If something isn't it stock it should be listed on the website that is isn't so I can take my business else where and actually get the goods I want 
  3. If I have ordered something and you know you haven't got it and it won't be with me in the time you have promised then you should be the one messaging me to tell me straight away. I shouldn't have to phone the company and be like 'Hey what's up, where is my parcel?.. Oh it's out of stock... good job I called you so I found out' no!!! That is not how a company should work. At all. 

I united with a couple of girls on Valencia Roses instagram page who are also waiting to see their parcel. Some of these girls ordered nearly a month ago and it's just ridiculous. They also deleted all of our comments on their instagram posts regarding where the hell our purchases are which is shady! They are clearly still trying to keep up a good image which they in reality can't live up to. 

Basically they've told me it is definitely going to be here by today the 21st January 2016. I've checked my tracking number and it says it hasn't even been received meaning Valencia Rose still haven't even got it to the post office or they haven't updated it either way, get your act together. If it's not here today I'll be ringing their ass up first thing tomorrow for a refund because I am beyond pissed now. I will never order from Valencia Rose Hair again even if this hair is heaven sent, soft as a babies ass, who cares it doesn't justify this crap customer service. Rant over and relax.

ps. don't order from Valencia Rose Hair.

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