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Primarks P.S. Love Beauty Lipliners - Beauty on a Budget

Can a £1 lip liner from Primark be any good? How do they compare to MAC lip liners..

Back in around February 2014, Primark launched their beauty range known as 'P.S. Love'. Now I'm honestly not sure where I was at this time but clearly I had fallen off the beauty radar as I didn't know about this! For years I have steered clear from drugstore and low budget make-up after having numerous bad experiences with products. I found from the money I wasted on trying low budget versions of make-up items I could have actually bought the higher end product I actually wanted in the first place. Anyway, we don't have a Primark in my town but there's one in around 45 min car journey which I personally hardly ever bother to go to so that's why I hadn't seen these. I can't express how happy I am with these though! Make-up and beauty products as we all know are extremely expensive and if you're a girl who likes to rock a lot of different looks, that's a lot of money you'll have to be forking out. Obviously if you can find hidden gems within the beauty market which are under a fiver, and work, it's a hallelujah moment!

 Lip liner trend is huge at the moment as we all know, I think we have Kylie Jenner to blame for this as she completely sold out lip liners from MAC worldwide. At £1 these Primark lip liners are obviously a massive steal compared to MAC lip liners which cost £12.50.


The formula is extremely creamy which means it is likely to bleed if you don't know how to work with these kind of products (especially the red). What I would suggest is applying a loose powder just around the lip line, blend that in properly, apply one layer of the lip liner and then repeat. That should keep it there all day without it bleeding in all sorts of directions making you look like an idiot.


The packaging I find is good. It's clear which colour the pencil is with the bottom and the lid giving you a colour indication which is very true to the product itself. One thing I was sceptical about was how it sharpened. The pencil itself isn't wood like the plain standard MAC ones it's that black plastic type you can get. The pencil itself sharpens very easily but where the product is so creamy it's easily snapped and stuck in the sharpener (don't you hate that? Spend the effort sharpening it try to get it to a nice sharp point just for you to push it too far and it snaps off haha). Lid stays on well when it is in my make-up bag and on my more used nude ones some of the gold lettering is starting to come off on the side but who cares. Not me. 

I only got 3 of the colours they have to offer two being a version of nude. I LOVE MY NUDES! One is lighter and one more mauve, the other being a red. From what I can see on the packaging there isn't a name as such but numbers. The lightest colour I have is 01, the mauve shade is 09 and the red colour is 03. I'm not sure on how many other colours there actually are but based on colours I have there must be at least 9 if their colouring system goes numerically in order.

Final verdict  

Da da da DAAAAAA! So what's my final verdict? Well it's a tick in the box for me. On a photo shoot I actually started using my MAC lip liner and put it down and changed to one of these Primark ones. They slide so easily onto the lips where they are so creamy and feel extremely comfortable on the lips for a lip liner as usually they can be drying. I would definitely repurchase for myself and for my kit, no question about it. 

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  1. So good to know you can get decent lipliners on a tight budget! Love the first one - great post :)
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