Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Warm Up Your Hair For Autumn 2015: No More Basic Brown

Although we all love summer it can take it's toll on your hair. We've all heard of heat damaged and chemically damaged hair but environmental damaged hair is also a thing and if you're a sun worshipper you are probably a victim! Those lighter sun kissed ends are realistically a little dried out and in need of some TLC and a colour revival.

Today I had a client who came to me with drab ends, roots and overall a washed out colour. We definitely needed to give her a hair makeover. Taking inspiration from the season. I decided to go for a warm brown to bring back some life into the hair that also complimented her skin tone and eye colour.

After an hour and half appointment this is the outcome!

Gorgeous rich warm tones which compliment her skin tone and her eye colour perfectly! No more drab lifeless hair. Following the seasons with changing up your hair can be fun and it is a great reason to finally push yourself out of your comfort zone for even that subtle change that can make a big impact.
Can I rock this? Everyone can rock warm hair you just need to find the shade that suits you as an individual and consulting with a stylist is the way to start.

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