Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How to do: Half and Half Pink and Green Hair!

Hastings, East Sussex, UK
About a month or so ago, what you see below happened! It's not every day you get a client in that wants to do something you can really experiment and have fun with. This time it was my friend called Nina who studies Level 3 Hairdressing with me and who is always have fun and bright fashion colours.
This look was her idea and we were using her favourite colours to create this statement look. In this blog post I'm going to give you a little behind the scene's of how we created it!

First of all, meet Nina's hair at the beginning of the journey! A faded pastel turquoise with hint of mauve through the ends which had all washed out. Near the roots the colour was stronger and then we had a really minimal amount of natural regrowth so before applying any colour we needed to lighten those roots and that band of darker turquoise!
Lucky for Nina her natural hair colour is extremely fair so her roots lifted in no time. Blue pigment however is known as one of the colours that doesn't want to lift up or leave the hair (same as red) so our removal of the colour lifted enough for us to be able to recolour it without being patchy. A common mistake a lot of people make at home is shoving a 30 or 40 vol on their hair to try and achieve white hair before putting another colour on. This really isn't necessary and is extremely damaging to the hair. The hair only needs to be the lightest pale blonde if you are going pastel colours, if not a bleached up 'yellow' or even 'orange' shade is fine depending on how dark or rich the colour is.
Then after parting the hair really carefully to get that crisp center part we started to apply the fashion colours one side at a time to damp hair whilst being really careful not to get any on the other side or mix the two together. I have never mixed pink and green together but I'm sure it wouldn't be what we was after!
After we had finished applying we left it on for the recommended time and then rinsed and there you have it! Half and half pink and green hair! 

This is my first time ever doing something along these lines and that is what I love about hairdressing. Every client bears you with a different challenge, everyone wants something different and everyone's hair is different! It's definitely a job you can continuously progress and learn in, enhancing your skills with every client. I have had my fair share of bright colours in the past and even though these fashion colours can be seen as for teens or people in their 20's... This certainly isn't the case. As long as your profession doesn't suppress certain forms of expression such as hair colour then you can make coloured hair work at any age! Pastel tones are especially great for those ladies who have naturally gone white or grey. I hope you enjoyed this post and liked seeing a little more into the makings of my work. 

Let me know, would you have the guts to pull something similar off? 

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