Friday, 25 March 2016

Men wearing make-up?

Yes lads wear make-up too on set and it's called 'male grooming'. This goes for most media such as TV and photographic purposes, men are getting dolled up to make their skin look it's best. Obviously this is totally understandable due to being exposed in front of god knows how many people plus the world has an obsession with perfectness, don't we. No pores allowed haha. 
In my relatively short time as a make-up artist I have done quite a few. In the beginning of my career I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to collaborate with a barber shop on their photographic competition entries where I managed to squeeze around 8 models in and out of my make-up chair. 

The main factor of male grooming is skin. You need to find the right balance between covering what needs to be covered but still keeping that bare face look to maintain masculinity. It's about lifting the under eye to get rid of excess darkness and covering any blemishes. You then need to consider bronzing up the face as after foundation and concealing can lose definition to the face and have it become pretty flat looking. Now where girls love contouring this is definitely what you don't do for a man. Bronzing products need to be applied where the sun would hit the face and tan it, so on the nose, chin and cheek bones. You can warm up the face slightly around the perimeter to give it a more continuous feel. 

Eyebrows should be plucked of stray hairs and filled in with powder in sparser areas. These then need to be gelled into place to keep neat and tidy. You can also go in with a powder on the beard if the model has one to fill in any sparse areas there too. 
So that's the key to male grooming! It's basically what us girls call the 'no make-up make-up look' 

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