Monday, 11 April 2016

Wella Hair College Competition: Rose Gold Hair

Every year at the college the Hair and Beauty department at Sussex Coast College put on a competition for the students. This gives us a chance to put together a theme and idea to recreate in order to win a price! Feeling very old, this is my 3rd and final year of doing this show and I decided to showcase colour as it is my favourite aspect of hairdressing. 

I wanted to do a take on the Rose Gold Hair trend which is extremely popular at the moment, and really get to play around with rosey and peach tones throughout the hair. I had my lovely model come in for me who has been a returning client of mine for a while so no surprises when it came to her hair I knew that I could definitely achieve my vision. This is my clients hair before we started the process the last time I coloured it we gave her a rooted outgrown blonde look.
So the day started off at 9am after pulling myself out from bed to gather up all my materials and getting down to college to meet my client. When we got into the salon it was already full up with hairdressing students from all the different classes with their clients which made it extremely hot in there! I’ll admit I did crack a sweat under the added pressure of being a competition too. We were given 4 hours to complete our hair look: colour, (optional cut) and blow-dry and finish. Originally I had planned to lift my client’s hair slightly but decided against it last minute when thinking realistically I can’t do a colour correction and full head of advanced colour techniques in less than 4 hours. So without that stress in the back of my mind I was able to get on with really accurately applying the colour to my clients hair. Throughout the hair we did a mixture of back to back foils with no hair leave out using Wella Koleston Perfect Special Mix in:
 /43 + 10/0
/33 + 10/0
/65 + 10/0 + 8/0

All mixed with 6% .With the peachy and orange tones added in we went 3/4 way up the head with the foils and then whole top overlay section I used a weaker /65 + 10/0 to create the dusty rosey mauve shade. 

Once we removed the colour we gave her hair a slight trim, levelling off a graduated bob that we had cut in a few months back. I was then able to give my client a big bouncy blow-dry to accentuate the colour we had just created. After the judges came round to judge I was asked to explain the look I have created explaining the theme and the product mixing ratios that were used. I felt confident in the look I had created after to speaking to the judges as they were positive and complimenting the hairstyle. 
I think leaving her natural regrowth in this look has given it a lovely lived in effortless feel which makes the look for me personally. We should hopefully get another 2-3 months left of this balayage before I will need to go in a top up the pre-lightened ends and bring it higher.
In the back here you can see the more peachy tones through the ends of the hair, The styling has really helped to bring that out as my client is wanting to grow out her layers so I was unable to cut into the top ones to bring out the colours underneath (My fault as a stylist for not discussing the cut before hand). My client actually has a blog of her own which you can check out also here: 

I was actually lucky enough to have won 3rd place for my colour which I was extremely happy with and proud of myself as it seems all too easy to melt and flop under the pressure of competitions. That is all for my college competitions now though and I just need to crack on with my final assessments and I shall be fully qualified by the summer. Time to get my head down.

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