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The Truth Behind Having Brightly Coloured Hair

Brightly coloured hair can look stunning and definitely make you feel individual amongst a crowd. Now if you've been searching through Google images looking at various amounts of "bright purple hair" or "girls with pastel pink hair" and you've finally found the inspiration picture you were looking for then this is the post for you. Unfortunately as beautiful as bright colours are they are a massive pain in the backside to upkeep. In this post I'm going to give you a low down on the truth of having brightly coloured hair.

Damage to your hair
To get brightly coloured hair you are more than likely going to have to get your hair pre lightened with bleach. Now I am not going to say your hair will be completely ruined because it shouldn't be, but the process of pre lightening isn't the kindest of products to put on your hair. Especially if you have already pre coloured your hair, so expect some amount of damage. If you are naturally dark blonde and above then you are in luck. Brunettes can get pre lightened but the bleach will have to be left on for a longer amount of time.
2.     Bleach in general
Quite frankly the feeling of bleach on your scalp isn't nice it can be slightly irritating. You will have to get used to the idea of getting your hair done frequently as your bleached roots need to be maintained. 6 weeks is probably the maximum amount of time you can leave them!
3.     The constant fading
Your hair will begin to fade after your first wash. Pastel colours are absolutely beautiful but they are also the colour that will stay in your hair the least amount of time. They last normally no longer than 4-5 washes. With more intense colours the colour will be changing after every wash probably lightening up more and the ends of your hair will probably lose colour quicker due to it being more porous.
4.     Cost
Due to the constant fading of the colour the cost of upkeep can be quite expensive. There are certain products you can use to help keep the colour up which you will have to use every single time you wash your hair.
5.     Maintenance
Having brightly coloured hair means you need to change some habits. You really should be washing your hair with cold water, and as little as possible. You can extend the ‘life’ of your hair with using dry shampoos in-between washing sessions. Every time you wash your hair you should have a temporary colour version of your colour mixed into a conditioner as this will add a little bit of the colour back into your hair each wash. You need to make sure you have enough time to keep going back to the salon and that you have enough funds to be able to keep up the look.
6.     Matching to your wardrobe
A lot of the time with brightly coloured hair you will find it hard to match with your clothes, you’ll find a lot of your things just don’t “look right any more”. So be prepared to feel like nothing matches.
7.     Stains
Be prepared to have everything you own stained in the colour of your hair. Your towels and pillows are probably going to be your first and definite victims! If you have a really rich colour, even your nail polish will get stained whilst you’re washing your hair. This will also apply to getting the colour out of your hair. It can be very hard to get certain colours out your hair especially if you are wanting to go back to blonde again, the main colours being red and blues.

This is not to put anyone off the idea of trying out different colours but just to give you reality and knowledge on what you would be committing yourself to. Unfortunately it is not as easy as going to the salon every 6-8 weeks and retouching your highlights or getting your root retouch. If you can deal with all these factors I would definitely suggest giving a bright colour a go. I have had many myself and it’s nice to try something a bit daring and different even if it does come with a massive womp! 

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