Monday, 26 October 2015

Eylure No. 126 Lashes & Vegas Nay Eylure Lashes

After sticking religiously to my Ardell Wispie Lashes for so long now It's definitely been a while since I've gone to Boots or Superdrug to buy a different type or brand of eyelashes but these made me impulse buy!
Vegas Nay is a known make-up artist whose very popular on YouTube (172k subscribers) and Instagram (6.6 million followers). Whenever a YouTuber brings out a product from a collaboration with a brand I'm always dying to try it! I brought these lashes in Superdrug and from what I could see apparently they are exclusive to them so I'm thinking they're fairly new over here in the UK. As with most things they've been available in the USA for a while now. All the lashes she's designed were great but the style 'Grand Glamour' caught my eye the most.

The packing is the same size as all Eylure lashes if you're familiar with it, quite bulky and doesn't come in those plastic cases which are better for storing eyelashes once they have been used once or for travel. As with most lashes they come with a small version of the Eylure Eyelash Adhesive which is handy to carry around with you if your eyelashes were to come unstuck at the corners throughout the day. They also come with a mini leaflet with written instructions on how to apply the lashes according to the manufactures instructions. Great for beginners but if you wear lashes all the time I'm guessing you don't even bother to look at that piece of paper.   

From what I can see the band of the lashes is quite thick, so eye liner will definitely be needed to blend these in for a seamless application. What I love about these lashes is that they are extremely fluttery, thick but still wispy. They've achieved this by every lash being extremely thin and layering them up for a perfect glamorous lash. For the every day woman these would probably be seen as your 'going out' lash but for me these are normal to be wearing every day. It's down to preference. Some of you might be thinking I'd never wear a pair of eyelashes that thick in a million years. Every ones got their own look.

I think these would look amazing for a lash focused look. They retail for £7.95 which is pretty expensive for drug store lashes... I also saw they had just upped the price because the price info behind said they were £6.95 but they can be found here

Another pair I picked up was Eylure lashes in No. 126 which apparently are new also.These caught my attention again because they are a layered dramatic lash. If these look as gorgeous on as they do off I can see these becoming a new favourite!  

They describe them as 'A completely gorgeous spiky lash in sections, great for a defined and cool look' (might just be me but I think the word cool isn't cool... moving on). One thing I have been doing for a while now is actually customising lashes to make my perfect lash because no where seemed to make the lash I was after. Now I've found these hopefully that fiddly process has come to an end.

I was looking for a review of these eyelashes and I actually cannot find one so once I try these lashes properly and do a look using them I will definitely be writing one up. They're quite a short but dense lash so would go perfect with a smokey eye to bring maximum drama to the lash line. These retail for £7.25 and can be found here.

Personally I'm not used to paying anything over £5.50 for drugstore lashes but decided to give these ago. Hopefully Eylure haven't let me down! 


  1. These look stunning! I'm awful at putting lashes, I never do it right! X

    Chilled Uni vibes over on -

    1. I don't know many people who wear them as religiously as I do but I guess that's just where practise makes perfect! Eye liner is your best friend when it comes to blending them in! <3


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