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Top picks: Under Eye Products, Concealers and Eye Cream

Here's my low down on my favourite concealers and under eye products spanning from drugstore to high end. If you suffer from sleepless nights or life has given you the short straw with having dark under eye circles this is the post for you!

Just so you know none of these are done in any particular order or are ranked. I love these products equally they all have their different uses and occasions. First up is my Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque.

If you're not sure what a corrector is, basically the easiest way to explain is correctors are a type of concealer with a colour pigment used to cancel out unwanted tones. It corrects them. In this example if we take a look at the product it's a very pinky peach toned concealer. Orange is opposite to blue on the colour wheel and red is opposite to green on the colour wheel meaning they cancel out each other. In your inner corner and under the eye where the skin is very thin and transparent blue and green hues are known for showing up so this concealer is great for the first step at covering that up! It retails at £19 and can be found here.

Since we're on Bobbi Brown already I might as well carry on the theme by mentioning the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream! Now I'm going to start by saying this is extremely expensive for a tiny pot of product but and this is a big but, you barely need to use even a smidgen. The area under your eye is so small so if you think about how long this is going to last you it doesn't seem so bad.

I only have the tester size which I got when I brought my BBU palette. It is extremely moisturising a nice gem to make you feel a million dollars when you're feeling tired dehydrated. After letting it soak into your skin and work it's magic is an amazing base for your concealer helping that go on completely flawless. It retails for £44 and can be found here.

Now moving on to my favourite concealers! First one I'd like to talk about as I have given it a little mention here on my blog before is my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

Now this little tube of fabulousness is amazing!!!! If there is anything I suggest buying the most it is this product. As you'll see later in this post I put swatches of all the products mention in this post on my hand. after editing these pictures and then getting on with my nice I actually forgot to wipe these swatches off and slept with them on. When I woke up in the morning somehow through out all the tossing and turning in my bed this managed to stay on and look exactly the same. I would have taken a picture but I felt quite gross that I'd slept with it on that I immediately washed it off after I had admired it's staying power. This baby doesn't lie when it says 16 hour wear I have it in the lightest shade which is Fair. This is now my most used concealer of them all and it retails at £4.19 and can be brought from Boots.

If you're pale and struggle finding a concealer to highlight with or you just love that really brightened under eye then here's your baby.. I introduce you to Illamasqua Skin Base Lift Brightening Concealer in colour W/Light.

This is a concealer made for illuminating and correcting under the eye. Each of their shades has a cool peach tone to them to help cancel out blue tones although it's barely visible in this shade as it literally is white. This is a full coverage concealer so I use it sparingly just to brighten up under my eyes for that really highlighted effect. It's a new buy for me but I absolutely love the results it has given me hence why it's already ended up in this post! This product retails for £18 and it can be found here.

These next 2 concealers are definitely ones that I brought due to massive coverage of these concealers by beauty bloggers and Youtubers. First up is, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard.

One thing I have learnt from watching and reading blogs is to definitely spend more time in picking the shade of the product which suits you and not just going on the colour which was shown to you. I literally walked up to the NARS counter didn't even look at any other shades and asked for the concealer in Custard since that's the only colour everyone else seemed to have. For me Custard is way too dark for my skin tone to go under my eyes. The shade has no brightening effect on me what so ever as it is only a tad lighter than my skin tone. I have managed to use this when I've not been having such a dramatic highlight and contour day. I would definitely repurchase this concealer again though as the formula is in the name, it's soooo creamy and a dream to blend. This product retails for £22 and can be found here.

Lastly is the LA Girl PRO Concealer. This another concealer that blew up on the online beauty community and it wasn't for no reason I assure you. This is such a cheap and inexpensive concealer that really does the job.

When I purchased this product they had just come out with 2 lighter shades, this being the lightest one in Porcelain. This sets into the skin so smooth and really is a long lasting product too. Great for the price and has a handy brush applicator for easy mess free application! I bought mine on Ebay I believe as it's not widely available here in the UK.

Here's the swatches picture I was talking about earlier just so you can see what the product look like on the skin and their actual shade properly.

Hope all the information was helpful and you enjoyed having a little look into the products I use on myself and clients. Also!!!! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' so you never miss any of my posts.

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