Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mad Max inspired shoot on Halloween

Yipee! I've been wanting to do a Mad Max inspired shoot since I saw this make-up on the Little Mix girls and it's finally happening and on Halloween. If I'm honest the actual film didn't do it for me personally... I found myself either falling asleep or whinging that I wanted to turn it off and watch something else. Visually the film is fantastic, I didn't quite catch the story line and found myself having to research it to have background knowledge for this shoot.

In the film there are few distinctive make-up looks which are from characters:

Immortan Joe


Imperator Furiosa

The style of the film bases around the breakdown of society as we know it, you know that kind of post-apocalyptic style. The film is based in Australia so the landscape is very bleak and dry and the humans are running out of fuel. So basically that is the concept we are trying to make a photoshoot around. I'm really excited to have a play around with grubbing someone up as I've never done 'dirty' make-up before! We've got a few great models to work with of both sexes so I should be able to really get to work with the hair and make-up creating different but connecting looks on all of them.

A lot of the film seemed to be involving big vehicles and motorbikes so we have managed to get a really amazing looking bike that we can use as a prop which will be great to work with too. Excited to share the work with you once I'm able to do so, I'll be sure to take some behind the scene's pictures anyway that I can share on here until the real deal is available.  

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