Monday, 12 October 2015

Hastings Observer Building Photoshoot

Hastings, East Sussex, UK
I posted the other day on here the beginnings and 'behind the scenes' if you will of my photoshoot the other day down at The Hastings Observer Building. If you want to check out that post then click here. Being as impatient as I am when I've done a shoot or bridal make-up I want to see the final product of the pictures ASAP so I can share them with everyone. I get so pumped after a shoot and I want them now, but obviously that's not possible seeing as the photographer needs to do all their bits but honestly felt like I was waiting foooooorever to see them (it was a week). But finally they're here! At least some anyway and I'm dead happy with how they've turned out.

Make-up & Hair: Roxxana Rose (Me)    Model: Francesca Louise    Photographer: Lorelle Bryony Fisher

Even though I love doing bridal work and occasion make-up it's lovely to be able to let your more creative side run free which I definitely was able to do for this shoot. This beautiful model is Francesca Louise who kindly agreed to let me run riot with her face. She has been featured in Vogue before but has taken a step back in modelling as of recent, hopefully this will spark back up her interest in the field as she really is amazing to work with.

Make-up & Hair: Roxxana Rose (Me)   Model: Francesca Louise    Photographer: Lorelle Bryony Fisher

I didn't really make it clear to everyone exactly what I wanted to do because I had a few ideas in mind, I just hadn't come to a decision. On the day I decided to be brave and just go for it combining a lot of my mood board inspirations into one. Pushing past your comfort zones is the only way you'll succeed in anything in life and there was a massive gap in my portfolio that needed to be filled. The photographer I used is actually my sister whose studying Photography at University of Brighton. I am extremely proud of her and how she has progressed so rapidly. We've made a promise to promote each others work as much as we can because could it be a better set up? Sisters... One a Make-up Artist & Hair stylist and the other a Photographer! Match made in heaven. Definitely watch this space.

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