Friday, 18 December 2015

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar 2015: It's Downfall

Hastings, East Sussex, UK

This year I was lucky enough to get my hands on some sort of make-up advent calendar! Mine in particular was the Makeup Revolution London brand. I'm planning to do a full review on this calendar just after Christmas to let you know my full thoughts and also give you a little haul of all the little bits and pieces. Before I sing it's praises though I'm just going to have my self a little moan about certain items in it... Nail polishes!!!

Before moaning a little too much I did look over the packaging to see if it was a 'beauty' calendar which it doesn't state it is, it's marketed as a make-up calendar. I don't consider nail polish to be a makeup item but more of a beauty item like a body scrub for example. I think maybe I've become a bit of a nail polish snob too to Sally Hansen products as I think their nail polishes are amazing and that's probably why I'm not pleased to see these! I find lower priced nail polishes either really gloopy and thick on the nails or so runny and thin they have no colour pay off and chip considerably easily. 

The whole look of the nail polish I don't feel is very desirable either, they look cheap they're also in a mini size I'm not sure if they're usually this small or if they're just smaller to be cheaper to put into the calendar. They feel very much like those cheap nail kits you buy for children on Christmas.

Here is just a comparison of the wand/applicators, first picture being Makeup Revolution and second being Sally Hansen. The Sally Hansen wand is much wider and flatter enabling you to cover your whole nail in one smooth sweep, where the Makeup Revolution one is (excuse the slightly blurry picture, I need a macro lens) is thin and stiff which will create lines in your polish application. On the day of writing this the 'makeup' item in the 18th door of my calendar is another nail polish so that's 5 nail polishes in total from the calendar. Thankfully there is no more! Do you consider nail polish as a make-up item?

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  1. I'm so getting one of these next year xx


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