Monday, 14 December 2015

Where To Go Next? My Education Dilemma

Last year at the end of studying my Level 2 qualification in Hairdressing I applied for University in the hopes of studying make-up at a higher level and being the most educated I could possibly be. I applied to 4 universities but I was declined by all others apart from University of Birmingham, which I got an unconditional offer from. If you don't know the difference between what offers you can get from Universities then you're not alone because neither do I really but I think there's:

  • Unconditional - basically no matter what you do or what grades you get you've definitely got the place with them
  • Conditional - as long as you get your predicted grades then you will have a place with them, anything under that and you may not be taken on
  • Unsuccessful - not sure what exact wording they use but that's where they've declined your application for whatever reason.  

Because all the other Universities declined, I emailed them to follow up so I could understand what I was doing wrong. Turns out they don't think very highly of my qualifications even though I've got a Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effect and Hair & Media Make Up, and a Level 2 in Women's Hairdressing, they want A Levels. Now to me if you're applying for a Specialist Hair and Make Up University course I would say I've got all the right qualifications where it's a vocational subject based on practical skill and talent not academic! I explained everything that I work as a make-up artist and a hair stylist but none of that seem to matter to them it was almost like they're blinkered by A Levels are the be all and end all for proof of talent and worthiness

Naturally most people who are off to University would probably prefer to go to the closest Uni to there home which is why I'm thinking of reapplying. Only thing is if I am to apply to UCAS again I will have to give up my place at Birmingham in the hopes of that I'll at least get it back or that somewhere nearer to me will accept my application. Emailing the Universities I just seem to get no where as they take weeks to reply and then when they do it's with useless information! Another factor that bothers me too is that the Universities that declined me will take people on over the age of 25 with a good portfolio and industry experience. Which is exactly what I've got, and relevant qualifications at the age of 19 NOW!!!   

Another option is for me to just stick at home and do extra courses and build up a mobile business from the location I live in now. I'd have my Level 3 Women's Hairdressing qualification by the end of this year and my Hair Extensions qualification under my belt which I could just add to. I've looked into Eyelash Extension Courses and Eyebrow Defining and I'm taking driving lessons at the moment so that I can become more flexible... I'm just unsure of what risk to take and would be interested in what your guys opinion is on this situation! If you have any advise on what you would do, don't hesitate to leave me a comment below!

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