Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Covering Grey Hair & Becoming a Hair Extension Specialist

Yesterday evening I had a lovely client in for a root retouch at Sussex Coast College to cover her grey regrowth. I've always thought to myself once I get to the stage where I start to become grey I'd always go lighter to a soft beige blonde, definitely helps to break up that regrowth line we all dread!

We decided to go for a golden blonde and we added some ash blonde pieces throughout the ends of the hair to give it some more dimension. Depending on the client sometimes grey/white hair can be stubborn and hard to cover but the client and myself were both pleased with the outcome as her hair took perfectly.

When I was first starting hairdressing I honestly didn't think I was going to like it as much as I do now... The reason I started was because I had one final year of free education and I thought I might as well use it whilst I can and get as much skills under my belt as possible. Hair also ties in nicely with Make-up Artistry where I could make a bit of money from it on the side cutting hair, I thought I could do with learning how to do some hair ups. Turns out I haven't actually practised much hair up at all since I've been on the course and I've fallen in love with colouring and cutting!

Yesterday at the college I'm at we had an introduction day for Balmain Hair Extensions. We had an hour presentation on the course which was really helpful! He explained where the market is and how to market ourselves, prices and addressed any concerns us as a stylist and the client would have. It's definitely got me ready to learn the trade which I'll be in middle of March and by that time I'll nearly be a Fully Qualified Hairdresser, Make-up Artist and a Hair Extension Specialist! Watch this space ;)

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