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What To Get Your Girlfriend For Christmas 2015

Hi guys! I had this idea for a post when I was sat here aimlessly searching the internet for something similar on what to buy my boyfriend this year. Now from my point of view I think it's ridiculously hard to find a present for men but I'm sure everyone thinks the same about the opposite sex to them! So here's my little insight from a girls perspective on 'What To Get Your Girlfriend For Christmas'.

Night Lingerie: BabyDolls and Cami's 

Left: ASOS     Middle: Ann Summers    Right: ASOS

These are a great present and as long as you know your girlfriends clothes size you're good to go! Depending on how sexy you want to go, some do require a bra/cup size too which you can find out easily by asking or having a quick peak in her underwear draw! Make sure to keep your girlfriend in mind when buying lingerie though, think what should suit her body shape and what would make her feel comfortable and sexy. BabyDolls and Cami's are usually quite short but if you go into the usual nightwear section on any site they usually sell slightly longer versions of these which might be a better choice for your girlfriend. Look for a matching robe too as it is winter and these aren't going to keep her too warm!

Skin Care:

Skin care is very important to us ladies. We love having lots of fancy bottles of different lotions it's just our thing. Clinique are an extremely good brand for skin care and they have come up with a 3 Step System for every skin type. All you've got to do is ask your girlfriends skin type and then they have a set for you! 

Via this link you can choose a plan from 4 different skin types, Very Dry to Dry, Dry Combination, Combination Oily and Oily. Now you might have to slightly give the game away if you're not 100% sure what these skin types look like but for the most part it's easy. Once you've made your decision on what skin type she is then scroll all the way down to the bottom and there should be a starter kit for each skin type which is £20 and you're good to go!

Pajamas: To Keep Her Warm 

All from ASOS

Women are always colder then men or at least we like to make it known that we're freezing so get some really nice cosy PJ's to warm her up! Personally I own a lot of novelty pajamas with stupid cheesy sayings on them so those are the ones I usually wear for mooching about the house. A good tip for PJ's is to get a size up then her usual size and PJ's are made for lounging in and not made to be skin tight.

Make-up/Beauty Advent Calendars:

Makeup Revolution Calendar - £20 (Superdrug) 

I've never owned one as of yet but I've always wanted one. Instead of a chocolate inside every window there is a make-up item! These can get very pricey so it's up to you to do your research but if your girlfriend is a make-up lover then you can't really go wrong with these. You've got to be quick with these as they always go out of stock! Ones to check out are by:
Makeup Revolution: £20
Charlotte Tilbury: £150
Ciate: £49 (for Nail Polish lovers)
The Body Shop: £60/80 (Only in stores)


LISTEN. Just be more attentive around this year and you'll either get some ideas of what she needs or would like through either her moaning about something she doesn't have or her dropping subtle hints. Does she moan she has no clothes? Then get her a gift card to her favourite place to shop! I know money is tight but realistically you can't buy much for £20 so something above £20 should be able to get her something nice without her dipping into her own pocket to add extra. 

Last and Final Point:

Make sure to touch base with the other people in her life to get ideas and more importantly, to make sure you're not buying all the same things. You could really love chocolate and perfume but if that's all you get for Christmas off everyone suddenly perfume and chocolate doesn't seem that exciting any more... Good luck! 

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