Thursday, 5 November 2015

Thursday Hair Change: Goodbye Blonde

Quite honestly I've pretty much had enough of bleach for a life time. Time to lock away my bleach and only use it for clients because I'm officially through with it and changing my hair colour lol! This time I'm keeping this colour..
I've gone and got myself a dark brown again! Now so many people have said to me but you had dark brown hair and then you bleached it up and for what? Just to go back dark again? Umm well yeah pretty much that is exactly what I've done, but you only live once and if I didn't try going back blonde again then I would have had it constantly niggling me as an idea I wanted to try out. Unfortunately for me I absolutely hated it on myself and want nothing more than to go back to my dark tresses and slap some fake tan on. So this is the colour I've gotten.

I'm trained in Wella products so it's pretty much the colour line I stick to seeing as I know how to use it all without faffing around with instructions, and I know a good majority of what the colours turn out like. I got the colour 4/77 Medium Intense Brunette Brown (Medium? I wouldn't really say so... A Level 4 is a dark brown). Before using this colour I've already darkened my bleach blonde hair to a mousey chestnut brown.

Originally I had picked up a black blue from this line 2/8 seeing as before all of this messing around with my hair I was black for around a year and a half and to be black feels like home. It feels like me. But I decided to go with this dark brown colour in hopes my features won't look so hard as black is a pretty harsh colour. I was looking online at a few celebrities who've had black hair and they all looked a lot softer once they'd gone to a dark brown shade. Another thing when you have black hair is that no matter how tan you are you never really look that tan, which used to wind me up!

Another product I got which was recommended to me whilst up at Sallys Salon Serives was this product below.

What this product is is basically like a colour top up to keep your hair looking as if it's just been dyed at all times. Where my hair is porous from all the bleaching my hair isn't going to want to keep any colour in it at all where the cuticle is so damaged so this is definitely essential. I used it today after dying my hair just on sections which I know are extra porous just to give an extra boost of colour. The product is super pigmented and so comes with 2 free sets of plastic gloves to protect your skin against stains whilst applying the product! 

I haven't taken a picture of my current hair yet as I was in a rush to leave today but I found this picture online of the outcome on another ladies hair! 

I'm just waiting for my extensions to come in the mail and then I'm going to get an A line bob cut in and then that is it my hair will be left for good, she says. Ciao for now. 

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