Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Essena O'neill: The Popular Instagram Star Talks Out About Social Media Expectations On Young Women

Essena O'neill is an Australian 19 year old female who had around 700k followers on Instagram. From following her myself for a period of time she had the 'perfect feed' (I'll get into that later) and had the perfect sun kissed body posing in front of beachy and tropical backgrounds. It's true her life looked amazing on social media, hence why she had her followers.
She has now completely blown up on the internet after quitting her social media accounts and creating videos explaining her revolution of that she's sick of the pressure to try and make herself seem perfect via social media. All I can say is thank the Lord someone with enough following has finally said it!

To me I've always found social media poison to girls minds but everyone has contributed to the reason why it is. It is a part of us as humans to want to be and feel the best I think but I feel in our generation the desperation to prove and have everyone think you're something that you are not is over the top. Everything everyone does for social media is a complete show and so much further from the actual truth of the life they're living.

I see girls posting about how much they are in love with their boyfriend desperately trying to prove and fool social media that it's all going exceptionally well when in reality they're splitting up every 2 weeks. It's all about trying to make other people feel jealous about what a perfect couple they are and relationship they have when it's all lies. Have you ever seen a couple who seemed perfectly happy to then realise they've broken up 2 months ago? I'm not saying people have to post their personal life but they were still trying to fool everyone else into thinking everything was going great.

Insert caption of 'My man' and wait for the 'couple goals *heart emoji eyes*' comments to roll in 

Let me just post that salad I had for dinner which I arranged nicely so it'll picture good but I won't post those 2 packets of crisps I've eaten today and the chocolate spread on toast I had for breakfast, no because that doesn't make me appear fabulous..

Must get my mum to take a picture of me in my outfit before I leave the house (that's if I even am going anywhere, who knows? not Instagram) need to get another one up on my feed, got to be consistent with my posts so I can get more followers.

Must carefully select certain photo's that will go into my Instagram feed theme and colour scheme. All photos must be the same size using the same filter and overall look like they go together otherwise they can't go on. It'll ruin my perfect feed.

This is the kind of fakeness everyone who has an interest in social media does but constantly trying to be something you're not is mentally draining. A few months ago I deleted everything off my Instagram, every single post and deleted my Facebook due to mental stress. I have a draft of my struggle with mental illness sitting waiting to be posted but I'll admit I'm scared to because I feel like it's not OK to be anything less than perfect. I just hope due to Essena O'neill's posts going viral that this makes people realise no one is perfect, a lot of social media presences are fake and you're nothing less because you aren't faking to live a luxurious life through pictures via social media. Be you.

*Pictures where found on Google and I do not own them. No pictures used were taken as a personal attack on certain individuals just used to visually highlight what the post is about*

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