Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sunday Photoshoots

So it has been an exceptionally productive weekend as I've decided I'm going to do whatever it takes to get noticed and get my work out there, things don't just drop at your toes in this life and they never have. Started off the weekend by having a lovely lady named Abi come over from Crawley to see me which is an hour away from where I'm based. Finally, finally my name is getting spread as a makeup artist and I'm so happy haha! Early this Sunday morning it was the usual setting up for a shoot but had my boyfriend along as a little assistant to help me with certain things (& also to get some behind the scenes pictures but to be honest he'd taken them all at unflattering angles, bless him). Since I've been putting myself out there as a Makeup Artist I have fallen into the more community based photography so, special occasion and bridal.. which is lovely and I absolutely love it but there's a lack of variety you're able to achieve doing that line of work so I was exceptionally excited to be able to try something different and out the box with this shoot.

Set of the shoot - Hastings Observer Building
I got to use my Kryolan paints which have literally been in hiding ever since I got those units complete on my qualification. I'm not a body painter and don't wish to be.. It's just not my thing, I'm not fantastic at it but I don't know whether that's the reason I don't like it, or because I don't like it I'm not good.. If that makes any sense. Any who so went for a very colourful look. I wanted to make her look as though she was actually a piece of art herself.

Model - Francesca Louise         Make-up by Roxxana Rose

Extremely happy with the results and cannot wait for the professional pictures to come to surface so that I can add these to my portfolio. I feel happy within what we all delivered as a team that everyone will have something different and it will fill a whole in everyone's portfolio.

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