Sunday, 11 October 2015

EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation Review & Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection 16hr Wear Concealer

Recently I have done so well in not excessively buying makeup products and to celebrate that this week I done exactly that. I have a few extra makeup bits that somewhere across the UK in the postal system coming my way but I couldn't wait to write a blog post about these items as I'm extremely happy about this purchases! Yes!!!! Don't you hate it when you spend money on makeup items that turn out to be complete kack? & we all know makeup is seriously expensive so to fork out your hard earned pennies for something that just doesn't work for you is frustrating! So that's why blog posts, YouTube videos and reviews are extremely helpful...
First product I'm going to share with you is the EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation which is a foundation targeted towards those with olive complexion/undertones.

The brand claims it is 'A lightweight and luminous liquid base, formulated with light diffusers which unify skin tone and cover imperfections effortlessly' and is
• 100% oil and fragrance free
• Non pore clogging

The website also has an easy colour matching service if you know what shade you are in MAC's shade system. I got the foundation in shade F200 which is comparable to MAC NC30-35. I've only worn this foundation once with a thin layer of MACs face and body underneath because it come through the mail as I was doing my makeup. 

The finish is absolutely gorgeous, extremely skin like appearance but seems to give that blurred look to the skin too making you completely flawless. If you are very olive toned you will know the struggle of nearly every foundation you buy looking too pink on you. Sometimes I've felt that I'm almost Simpson yellow and especially at the drugstore as all their foundations have a strong pink/orange undertone when I'm green/yellow. Priced at £12.50 I'd say this foundation is drugstore priced just at the higher end. Totally worth looking into if you have an olive complexion! 

One product which has literally been like gold dust in the drugstore since it blew up is the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection 16hr Wear Concealer. 

I don't know whether a certain beauty blogger has mentioned it which has made girls go crazy or because it is so cheap and everyone and their muma knows what contouring is now and wants that light under eye but this stuff in the colour Fair is always sold out. 

It has that old school lipgloss applicator which a lot of concealers have for easy application straight from the tube. I haven't used this on myself yet because I'm waiting until my Revlon ColorStay concealer is finished but it looks nice, not sure if it's full coverage but it does have a pink undertone to help counteract the blue tones under the eye. I will always use my Bobbi Brown Corrector unearth any under eye concealer though. Hopefully she's worth the hype, I'll keep you updated!

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