Wednesday, 7 June 2017

One Year Closer To Achieving My Degree

For all of you that know, I am currently studying Hair and Make-up for Media and Theatre at degree level. This is something I have chosen to speak about across my business social media platforms as I thought you might have found it interesting! I had wished to keep a bit more of a diary for informative purposes to others who may want to study this path and for memories keep sake for myself but I think I definitely underestimated the amount of written work load I was going to have this year and so that left me little time/ desire to write even more in blog posts. As a little reflection of this years study I'd like to share with you some of the images of my work throughout the year.

Some of the subjects we have covered through out the year have been:

  • Period hair and makeup (makeup and hair throughout the ages including, Ancient Egyptian, Elizabethan, 1920's-2000 for a few examples)
  • Wig making 
  • Air brushing 
  • Eyebrow covering 
  • Makeup for theatre, including male looks
  • Character development and design 
  • Working on a theatre production 
The first year has really set us up as a class to be able to progress and run freely for next years assignments in which I hope to really push myself and my abilities. It's been a great experience meeting all the girls and having a place where I can practise once a week and be more experimental. For now I still think my place within the industry is bridal and special occasion as this year I feel my technique has really improved but even so I like playing around with colour and more editorial makeup looks. 

Genderless Generation Brief - Collaboration with Photography Student @ University
Examples of period looks, Georgian, Egyptian, and 1930s.
Collaboration with a Photography Student - Alice Collins
I think it's important for me as an artist to remember that not all makeup has to be 'pretty' or 'wearable' it is an art form and pushing the boat out to create something different and interesting is something I need to do more of. I'm excited for my journey into next year and all the different makeup projects which will be involved. My final project is due in by the end of this week and so I will have some more professional images to share with you. These will be definitely on my Instagram and Facebook page. Thank you for reading and I hope to share more in here in the future!

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