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What's better? MAC or Makeup Geek Eyeshadows Comparison

As a makeup artist quality eyeshadows are very important. Having everything of high quality is important really but with eyeshadows, you can waste your time with rubbish ones. The time it takes to build up colour, the amount of fall out around the eye and in the pan are definite signs of whether it's a good eyeshadow or not. When I first started as a makeup artist if you asked anyone what eyeshadows you should get for your kit it was always MAC pan eyeshadows which you can form into a custom palette. Question is... would I still choose them now over their competitors such as Makeup Geek?
To get to the point, the answer is no way, Jose! There is no denying that some MAC eyeshadows can be great to work with, more than half of them are nice but I personally do not think that they have a better formula than Makeup Geek. I am not 100% sure but to my knowledge without looking anything up, MAC was quite easy for the majority to get a hold of and were the first people I knew of on makeup counters to sell individual pans. For this reason, it was probably easier for makeup artists and makeup lovers to visually go in and pick the colours of their choice and hence why MAC eyeshadows became so popular and raved about.

This is the deal which I got from MAC when I first started my makeup kit. {click here} This costs £315 for 30 eyeshadows plus a palette and is featured in the first picture in this blog post. The palette it came in I wouldn't rate highly either, it's very bolky, heavy and mines actually broke. When you take out the eyeshadow inserts the magnetic palette underneath isn't strong enough to hold the eyeshadows and this is where you can see a lot of my eyeshadows have fallen out and shattered. I do not have a majority of the shadows I originally bought due to this. A palette I would definitely recommend is the Z Palette!

There are some colours from my MAC palette which now I have just taken out completely and they sit alone in my draw because personally, I have no use for them, I think two of the shades I know off by heart are Omega and Plumage. Omega is described as a 'soft muted beige-taupe' and the payoff is pants. I have pictured it below (it's the first swatch) and compared it to a similar shade which I bought from Makeup Geek.
These are both with two swatches from my finger. I don't really think I need to say anything more about that! In the pan it's almost as like it's sealed over and it's not buttery or high pigmented at all. Plumage is described as a 'dusky peacock' and I was really hoping it would be a vivid dark teal, ideal for making smokey eyes but when applied to the eye it comes off much darker and again takes forever to build up.
The eyeshadow is on the bottom row, 3rd in from the left side and look at the colour it comes out when swatched? Patchy and not even teal looking at all compared to what you can see in the pan.
I also have a dark purple grey shade which I have from MAC which I even went as far as to put it in the bin because it was that pointless with it's lack of pigmentation.

The price difference between MAC single pan eyeshadows and Makeup Geek are as follows:
MAC: £10 (1.5g of product)
Makeup Geek: £6 (1.8g of product)

For both these companies you can get different types of eyeshadows, such as MAC extra dimension eyeshadows and dazzle eyeshadows which only come in hard packaging and they are £16 each!! Ashamed to say I own two of these... where MG have a similar idea and they are called foiled eyeshadows which cost £9.25 each on Beauty Bay. A large Z palette holds 27 MG eyeshadow pans and so if you bought all of this in one go to make a full palette it would cost you £179.50. Definitely money well spent compared to the MAC custom palette I can assure you. Another brand I would highly recommend for eyeshadows is Inglot. They have great eyeshadows with vivid pigmentation and the pans are huge compared to others on the market. For me as a makeup artist this is a good and bad thing. They're £5 each for 2.3g of product but even using eyeshadows all the time it's not often I hit pan on them. If you've seen the state of some of my eyeshadows I'll drop them and smash them before they run out... The size of the shadows limits the amount of colours you can carry with you as it would overspill into many palettes which become bulky in your kit. Even so I would say they are the best I've tried and may even do a swatch blog post of the shades that I own as I own about 10 eyeshadows in total from them which are all fab! Here are two swatches of a light peach and a purple.
So there are my thoughts on MAC and Makeup Geek eyeshadows can you tell who I think wins? All opinions are my own but have you tried both MAC and Makeup Geek eyeshadows and what has been your experience? Let me know in the comment below.

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