Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Why I Don't Like Or Do "Instagram Makeup"

Makeup over the last couple of years has really blown up on the internet thanks to platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. This has allowed a lot of artists and hobbyists to share makeup looks and tutorials for people to watch and has a massive influence on what we as individuals think is in trend or not. As a trained, qualified and working make-up artist I am here to explain why I do not like "Instagram make-up".

This picture I got through typing drag queen, but it does look very similar to the makeup which I am talking about doesn't it. The link to this tutorial is underneath the picture and is to show how to transform a man into the illusion of a woman, if you are a woman you shouldn't have to follow all of those steps. Now I was going to pull up some images and put them in this post but I really do not want to specifically and personally attack  someone's work so I'll hope you understand the kind of make-up I mean by these few points:

  • Brow bone highlight which is practically white no matter what depth the client's skin tone is, and can either be matte or overloaded with shimmer shadows or highlight.
  • Inner corner highlight where you can see the shape of the brush it was applied with because they do not blend it into the look what so ever. 
  • Overly highlighted cheek bones which in person makes your face look glittery and any skin texture magnified. 
  • A thick blocked in eyebrow, usually done with something like Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow then sculpted out with concealer. 
  • Applying a thick full coverage foundation on everybody instead of using a lighter coverage and concealing any problem areas or imperfections.
  • Everything is sharp and defined
  • Looking almost drag queen-esque'     
Now I hope you have an idea of the kind of make-up I am talking about and if not then honestly just log into Instagram and I am sure you will come across thousands of make-up goal pictures that fit this bill. Now don't get me wrong strong makeup can look nice! As make-up artists, we are quite often asked to do an assessment whilst training on Asian bridal makeup looks which are defined by strong lips and strong eyes which is a usual rule in makeup not to do (you either play up one or the other). On a day so special as a wedding this is an exception that these women want to look their best. I will insert an example of this:
This is very much a cultural thing, you can look up Asian bridal make-up trends if you wish and you can see where the origin comes from but this is not what this post is about. These women by no means, I am sure, walk around with this much makeup on daily, it is something the women of their culture do upon special occasions. I would now like to bring to your attention to some of which are considered influential women in the world and what they look like for their special occasions such as red carpet events:
Angelina Jolie: 
Jennifer Lawrence:
I could go on but honestly search up, Jennifer Lopez, Cheryl Cole, Britney Spears, whoever but none of them on special events are wearing a look which looks caked on and harsh. I think it is quite likely to also assume these women have some of the highest paid and most respected make-up artists in the business do their faces. I know if I was ever given the opportunity to do any of these ladies make-up I would consider myself the top dog and that I had made it in the makeup world. The key to these looks are being creative and adding make-up but having it still look effortless and like the person who very first sat in the chair. None of these eyebrows look so painted on that they do not even look like hair anymore. None of these women have gone for a strong eye look and a strong lip look. None of these women has a contour so visible it looks like a stripe. None of these women have a highlighter on that's visible. 

All of these above looks show that you can play around with bold colour on the eyes and lips and still have it look like yourself. Instagram makeup is good for women and clients who like the 'fake look' and is good for your own personal makeup choices. As a makeup artist who wants to have a career in media or fashion, you need to perfect the look of making a client look as though they are wearing the makeup and not that the makeup has smacked them in the face. I would just like to add that I truly appreciate work that is creative and artistic makeup, that I have no problem with. I hope you can understand what type of makeup I am on about as this will never make it to the front of magazines or for advertising for any occasion or prestige makeup and I worry that a lot of self-taught or new make-up artists who only go for that one certain makeup style won't get them far or will be lost once this 'trend' dies. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and although I feel this may disagree with what a lot of other females may feel out there, I just wanted to express my view. Instagram artists are there to create looks which look striking in photo and are made to make you notice them from a small thumbnail. It is not a look that should be placed upon clients to then walk the streets. In the regards of "Instagram makeup", in my opinion, there is a time and a place and less is more.

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