Monday, 21 November 2016

Why I Am Studying Make-up AGAIN?

Since this September I have started University to study make-up, my course is an Fda in Make-up and Hair for Media and Theatre which is a 2 year course and I then can apply for a third year to get my full degree. The reason I have decided to go back into education is because I would like to have the highest qualification you can get as a make-up artist for two reasons. One being just pride for myself and a feeling of achievement and the second is I would really like to go into lecturing/teaching so I will probably be doing my teaching top up degree either straight afterwards or I'll have a gap year.

You can never stop learning and practising in any form of job or skill so although I am going over the same topics of study my skill set can only improve and gain from this experience. If you haven't noticed I do not offer hair up services, this is something I struggle with and would by no means ever offer a service I didn't think was worth paying for and at the moment that is my level of skill in hair up. "Nothing that you couldn't do yourself" so over this time of studying for 3 years I hope to improve these skills as I know it is in high demand to have an artist who can do both hair and make-up (even though I think someone is always better at one than the other so you might as well hire someone whose the best in their field).
I also just love being in the education environment and learning new things it is a nice feeling to feel as if you are always progressing. I just wanted to highlight this as even though I am still 'studying' I am still a fully qualified make-up artist and hairdresser with level 3 qualifications in both. I'm just stepping up my game in the industry even more and can't wait to share my university work with you all.

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