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Bridal Trials - What Happens In A Bridal Trial

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Hello Brides to be! After getting a lot of questions and confusion about what a bridal trial really is, I have decided to write it down here in a post for you all to read as a lengthy Facebook message can be a bit over whelming. If you are getting married yourself and are thinking of hiring me as your make-up artist then this is the trial procedure!

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For all my brides a bridal trial is essential so will become a part of the package for your wedding day. Deposit for wedding and bridal trial should already be paid before you have your bridal trial. Although you may feel you are saving money by not having a trial, your happiness on the day is more important than anything. This is a day all about you and if any of it can be pre-planned to ensure it works out smoothly then it should be. I would never want you to walk around with a makeup look which didn't feel like you on your day. Your happiness and peace of mind is worth the extra expense. 

What is a bridal trial for?
A bridal make-up trial is to determine the make-up which you would like from your chosen make-up artist for your wedding day and to work on a look that will suit you, together. It is not to test out a make-up artist as you should be communicating throughout the whole process so that I don't leave you with a make-up you are not happy with. I'm here to make you look and feel beautiful for your day and there are many different makeup styles we can achieve to suit your personal tastes. If you are wanting to test out a make-up artist for your wedding day ask for a bridal consultation. Details on that will be at the end of this post.

When should I have my trial?
Your bridal make-up trial should be no more than 5 weeks before your wedding day and a minimum of 10 days before your wedding day. The reason being for this is that you need to look the same on your wedding day as you did on your trial. For example if you are getting eyelash extensions or a spray tan for your wedding day then these must be done on the trial too. There should be no drastic hair colour change in between your bridal trial and your wedding day either as these factors will all cause the product choices to change. Due to shortage of appointments left during the weekends on peak season your bridal trial may have to be during the week or possibly a Sunday, Saturdays are almost always out of the question as I will have a main job that day.
Mornings are the best time to have your trial in order for you to wear you makeup all day.

How long does the trial last? 
The bridal trial should last around 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Where should I have my bridal trial?
All bridal trials will be taken at my address which will be sent to you. Here I have the appropriate lighting and set up to work. 

What do you do in a bridal trial?
This is where we will meet each other for the first time in your chosen location. From here we can have a look at inspirational pictures of make-up looks which you love and put those to the test on yourself finally! Also show me a picture of your every day make-up as if there is something you do which is quite signature to you then in order for you to look yourself we may be able to incorporate this into the look, if you wish. We will go through things such as skin concerns you may wish to conceal, skin type etc. The key is to be honest and we can both keep making suggestions and changes until we find your perfect look. I can reapply your make-up fully up to 2 times to make sure you are completely happy with everything. I cannot stress enough that you should not say you are happy with something unless you truly are. Once we have found the look which you are happy with I will write down the products which were used and take a photo of you for reference.

How should I prepare for my bridal trial?
When having your appointment please be bare faced or with minimal make-up if possible and wear a colour similar to the dress which you will be wearing. Make sure all your usual beauty regime is done such as eyebrows plucked and shaped (I can go over them if there are a few stray hairs) and exfoliate and deep moisturise your skin the night before. If you know you have a skin issue such as dry skin, excessively oily, or problematic skin then you should seek professional help for products that you can use to address this problem as this will effect the make-up application.      

What will happen after my bridal trial? 
By this time you should be feeling a little relief that your make-up is all planned and you've got the look you was after. I will advise you to buy a certain make-up item to maintain your look throughout the event as I won't be there to top you up which is the lipstick of choice. Due to kissing and eating/drinking throughout the day your lipstick will not last all night. I do not use long wearing lip products as they usually dry out the lips and give a cracked appearance. For oily skin I may suggest you buying blotting papers too.

If you would like a bridal make-up consultation this is following all the steps above but can be done months/years in advance of your actual wedding date. In my opinion they are a waste of money and can be avoided if you prep your skin, have realistic expectations, communicate and are truthful at your bridal trial. If you are to have a bridal consultation you will still need to have and pay for a bridal trial in order to book me for your wedding day. I hope I have answered all of your questions and if you have any more then please contact me, I am happy to answer all of your questions. 

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