Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Balmain Hair Extensions - What's Happening

If you have been following my page over the last few months you will know that just before I completed my Level 3 hairdressing I also completed a course through Balmain on cold method hair extensions. At the time I wrote a little 'watch this space' post about starting to offer this service to all of you so I am just going to start by explaining the situation with that.

I am very dedicated to my business and there is nothing I love more than learning new skills within my chosen field and doing and offering more to my clients. Any one who has any experience with hair extensions knows that they cost a lot of money just for clip ins of decent quality hair. So when you get into the world of having them installed for long term methods the price tag is there loud and proud. These things are not cheap!
Originally I had planned to set up my prices/business plan and then get straight ahead unfortunately this is not going to be the case. There is a couple of reasons why, one is that with the kit I got from training it does not make you 100% ready to go out and offer a service to a client so there are a few investments I will have to make in order to provide the service. Second I am currently not a car owner nor do I have a drivers license, which will be a massive part of being a mobile hair extensionist. In order for me to offer clients free consultations and colour matches I will need to be fully mobile and be able to get to you easily which is not possible without a car of my own. The last reason is that I will be going to University starting this September 2016 which I'm sure will take up a lot of my time during the week leaving limited time to offer out regimental hair extension maintenance appointments.
So for now I do not feel I will be able to offer this service out as a part of my business but a qualification is for life and I will definitely venture out into this field the more my business grows. At the moment I am still wishing to study make-up and hair styling and as eager as I am to expand I know that I cannot push myself completely and have no spare time for loved ones and just for myself. I hope that has cleared up any questions you may have wondered about myself offering hair extensions. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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