Monday, 11 January 2016

I'm In Love With Rooty Blondes!

Hey guys and girls! Happy belated New Year to you all and I hope the festive period treated you well of course. Anyway's lets get back to business because I haven't posted or updated you in nearly a month so slap my hand I need to get my act together. As you know on here I like to share my learning journey and how my career develops so that is what I am about to do. First can we just get into this rooty blonde, ughhhhh

Sorry if the quality isn't on point as this picture was taken and edited with a phone. I am in love with how this whole scenario turned out. My returning clients background hair story (if I remember) is red, the hell of all hells to get out of your hair.

The pigment literally seems to glue itself into the middle of your hair and doesn't want to give up his reign. With her previous hairdresser they managed to get her to a blonde through continuous highlights but the warmth of the red pigment was still evident in her blonde. This time round after her highlights had grown out we decided because of the contrast between her regrowth and ends, instead of fighting it how about we go with it and create a blended rooty blonde. Myself and my client were extremely excited about the outcome because it looks gorgeous.

When people say 'The photo really doesn't do this any justice' it doesn't. The ends of the hair we really toned down from the obviously bleached ends to a more subtle bronde tone which ties in much nicely with the extended root we have going on too.

*Pictures are not my own *
One thing I will mention is a pat on the back to all hairdressers who have to deal with new trends. With almost every new trend there will be a new technique for a hairdresser to learn. All your hairdressers who qualified more than 5+ years ago were not taught how to balayage whilst they were training. I have only verbally been given advise on it too as it is not a specific requirement to finish your course such as normal foiled highlights. This was definitely a technique that evolved over recent years and has become so popular it is now one of the main colouring services sought after in the salons today. There are extra training courses you can sign yourself up for as a hairdresser to learn all the new techniques that come out but for most people these aren't practical so that's where the actual talent a hairdresser possess comes in to play. For hairdressers everything they know is through their own trial and error and learning what formulas they like and what works for them and their clients & that's the creativity I love within hair!

I wonder what the next big trend to take over will be... I have a feeling balayage will be around for a while.

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