Tuesday, 16 February 2016

My Skin Care Routine

I guess your skin care routine should cover the products you use on the whole of your body but I'm just going to cover my face regime for now. The skin care items I use are normally based upon what ever was on offer in Superdrug or Boots at the time so it can change, especially if I haven't become obsessed with a product. Some of these items are things I have tried for the first time, because of that I'll let you know throughout this post what I think of them and for reference I have some god damned oily skin!

I've never been the biggest sucker for night moisturisers as I'm sure most girls with oily skin know, I hate having the feeling of anything slippery and hydrating on my face just simply because it reminds me of my oil. Gross. However there is the whole idea that your face can be producing more oil if your skin is dehydrated so I thought what the heck I'll give it a try. I do really like this product it doesn't melt into your skin and disappear though. You can definitely feel there is something on your face but it's not unbearable and after sleeping in it I wake up with a face as 'smooth as a baby's bottom'. I like it.
Being an oily girl I don't suffer with dry patches so I'm not sure how well it combats those but for an overall making the skin feel softer it does the trick for me.

Before applying this to face I have to remove all of my make-up. At the moment this has been the product routine I have been following, first I start with this Simple Cleansing Lotion. The simple line is targeted towards those with sensitive skin which fortunately I do not suffer with, never the less it's still a good brand to lean towards as you know their products won't have unnecessary strength to their formulas which could cause irritation.
For this product I use it at the basin, squirt a little into my hands and then massage it into my face, applying more if I need it to stretch a little further. I then rinse and wipe it off with a warm wet flannel and repeat another time just to make sure everything is off. It can really depend on the amount of make-up I have on that day for how many times I need to repeat this process.
The texture is thicker than most other cleansers I have used so I tend to mix it together in my fingertips to warm up the product before spreading it across my face. After using this product I then will walk back up to my room to apply my toner with a cotton pad. The one that I have used for years is my Boots Essentials Toner. At the moment I have the fragrance free type but growing up my Mum always gave me the cucumber range they also offer which is identical in packaging just green instead. At the time the boots I went to had run out so I got this one and it works just as well.
This step is an essential for me. It really gets that last residue and dirt out of your pores, every time I do it after looking at my cotton pad I think 'Thank god I did' because there's always more left on your face then you thought there was. The years I spent as a teenager just being lazy and taking my make-up off with a make-up wipe and nothing else, seriously girl? No wonder I would get spots!

For my eyes I use a different make-up remover because I wear a lot of product around them. It is best to get an oil based make-up remover as this really helps to break down the product without really scrubbing and irritating your eyes. For now I am using Garnier Skin Naturals 2 in 1 make-up remover.
This product is great and getting that tough to remove eyelash glue, eye-liner and glitter liners I use regularly. A lot of brands do this kind of product some are targeted especially towards eyes. This product does leave a greasy feeling to the area you apply it to so I wouldn't use it all over my face. I always use my toner to wipe over the area after I have used this. 

In the morning I will usually wipe over my face with some more toner to remove any oils and dirt I have gathered during the night on my face and then apply Garnier Moisture Matte before putting on my make-up.
I really like this product as it works extremely well with my skin and has made a difference with keeping my face matte under foundation and even when I wear it on my lounging around the house days. Dealing with oily skin it can really make your skin feel dirty but that keeps that feeling at bay at keeps me shine free! Love it. That is my products summed up for now on my make-up removing and moisturisation products, thanks for reading and let me know if you use any of these products!

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  1. I always find it interesting reading skin care routine posts. Love the sound of the Nivea night cream, need a new one soon so will have to get this one!

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk ♥


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