Friday, 20 May 2016

Is Your Make-up Artist Or Hair Stylist Reputable?

I have decided as a service provider to provide my clients and future clients with proof of my qualifications. I have done this because it is all so easy for anyone to write that they are fully qualified and fully insured and I believe that if you as a customer allow someone into your home to perform a service for you they should be both of those things.

The reasons why I believe you should be:

Lying about being fully qualified and fully insured is actually illegal and is classed as fraud. Fraud Act 2006. 

Fully qualified
You can get good make-up artist out there who consider themselves self taught as they haven't gone to any sort of course. Visually their work can be amazing no doubt, the only thing I worry about is that they have not gone through the necessary training to provide their client no health and safety risks. If you are to study make-up and gain a qualification you get taught how to recognise skin infections and contraindications that wouldn't allow you to carry out a service. It will also teach you how to decanter products so not using a lip gloss from the tube straight to your clients lips. That is a massive no no but I have seen make-up artist's do it. It only takes one client to have something and then you have infected your next future clients and yourself. I have actually had another make-up artist borrow my gel eye liner and to see her use it straight from the pot on everyone and so I had to chuck it away afterwards. It's the same concept as going into Superdrug and picking up the lipstick there and wiping it on your lips. You just wouldn't do it for the obvious reasons.

With hair stylists you shouldn't be letting anyone loose on your hair who isn't qualified. You are dealing with all sorts of chemicals and cutting is an art. Hair extension technicians should also be qualified as if they aren't putting the right amount of hair with each strand of hair extension they could leave you with traction alopecia.

Fully insured
If you are allowing someone into your home you should definitely make sure they are insured. If you have a mobile hair stylist round and they happen to spill some dark brown hair dye on your carpet that isn't going to come out and you need that agreement of insurance there to cover the cost of your carpet because as a customer you should not have to pay for that yourself.

My qualifications are as follows, plus my insurance is at the bottom.


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