Thursday, 9 June 2016

What is Balayage and Ombre?

Today post is going to be on the sensation that is balayage and ombre. If you haven't heard about this massive trend already or unsure of what the term actually means then this is the post for you! I hope that this post will give clients a better understanding of what they are asking for so that you are able to communicate what you are truly after.

What is balayage? 
Balayage is a form of highlighting the hair which was developed first in France around the 1970's. Unlike traditional highlights using typical methodical weave and foil method the highlights are placed freehand on the hair and placed visually by the hair stylist depending on the hair cut. The highlights are commonly placed to accentuate features such as around the face and down the lengths of the hair. 

What does the word balayage mean? 
To sweep or to paint (in this case sweeping/painting lightener onto the hair).

Why chose this over highlights? 
Balayage comes in all different forms. You can go as close to scalp or as far away as you like. Certain types of balayage are done slightly further away from the scalp in most areas to give you a lived in look from the get go but in a chic manner. Because of this the upkeep is minimal compared to a full head of highlights where a regrowth line can be quite visible. Balayage is also a great way to work and embrace your natural colour but modernising it up. 

Who can wear balayage? 
Balayage can suit all ages. Balayage is also a great start into the world of colour for those with virgin hair as because of the minimal upkeep and soft blended lines. If you prefer to cover your grey hairs a root tint can added into your appointment to conceal those whilst we lighten your ends and give you highlights. 

What is the difference between ombre and balayage? 
Ombre is having dark roots and lighter ends. It is still a graduated colour but is usually a noticeable different in the two colours. A good ombre will still always look blended. 
Not my photo or my work, just another clear example of ombre.

Balayage is the technique in wish you want your hair to highlighted in (freehand painting). Ombre is a style of colour you like meaning you want a darker root area and lighter ends. You can have a ombre with balayage painted highlights taken to the root for your classic "balayage" look. For just balayage highlights you will have pieces of highlights throughout your whole head starting from the root of your hair they will just be painted and left in open air instead of in foils.  

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